Altius Featured in the Globe and Mail: “A 1960s Home, Remade to Work in 2008”

April 27, 2018
The Globe and Mail
“A 1960s Home, Remade to Work in 2008”

The new homeowner whips out his iPhone. With just fingertips, this modern-day George Jetson slides, pulls and magnifies conceptual drawings of the unfinished living/dining area in which we’re standing. On the tiny screen are big, bold images showing how Graham Smith, of Altius Architecture, has helped this couple re-imagine an already magnificent Jetsons-era gem. The homeowner tries to keep his cool as he flicks to another dazzling digital pic of the commanding kitchen island, but giddiness bubbles just below the surface.
And why shouldn’t it? Just below the surface of his actual, newly poured floor is a long, coiled plastic snake that will carry warmth to what will be a rich, dark expanse of slate. New windows – some keeping their original configuration, others now dropping down from waist-height to become full floor-to-ceiling affairs – will be installed soon, and the striking white brick exterior is about to get a good power-wash. “It’s always great to get a hold of these before someone tears them down and puts up a chateau,” says the architect, Mr. Smith, “which is normally what happens to all these houses…”

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