Altius Featured in the Globe and Mail: “Building Modern, Smarter, Smaller”

April 28, 2018
The Globe and Mail
“Building Modern, Smarter, Smaller”

As a designer by trade, I’ve spent most of my career thinking about aesthetics in one way or another. I’ve come to respect the challenges inherent in finding harmony between function and form. I’ve also come to appreciate that one’s interpretation of beauty is entirely ambiguous and completely subjective. So it didn’t come as a surprise that the design of our house has been the topic of much discussion. Commonly characterized by low-slung roofs, clean lines and open living spaces, modern architecture isn’t particularly common in our neighbourhood. Ranging from American foursquare homes to non-descript post-Second-World-War bungalows, the architectural styles in our area are actually quite eclectic. With the number of houses currently under construction, I also think it’s safe to say our neighbourhood is in a state of transition. So given the variety, I was confident early on that we could design and build a modernist home that satisfied our aesthetic desires while comfortably fitting into its surroundings.

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