Altius Featured in the Globe and Mail: “Stung! By The Building Bug”

April 27, 2018
The Globe and Mail
“Stung! By The Building Bug”

I’ve always loved architecture. The idea of building a structure that was both functional yet beautiful has always been appealing to me. However, I can’t say I ever had a meaningful appreciation for the realities that come with such a project. Of course, my perspective changed dramatically when I decided to tear down my home and build something new. I can now unequivocally say that flipping through the pages of Dwell magazine is one thing, but finding an architect and balancing a budget is something entirely different. Our story is actually quite simple. After living in a quaint postwar bungalow in the heart of Toronto for the past five years, my wife and I decided we wanted a little more room before starting a family. That’s not to say we couldn’t have raised a child in 850 square feet, but we both felt the timing was right to make a move and settle in before we had our first child. We hadn’t originally set out to build a new home. In fact, we had just finished our basement and repaved our driveway in hopes of putting the house on the market. However, the Toronto real estate market was in a complete frenzy and we quickly saw our weekends vanish in a sea of open houses. We poured over countless MLS listings, but I honestly can’t recall how many houses we eventually went and looked at. Luckily my wife Jessica is far better at recalling details such as this. “Upwards of 50” she insists. We only made offers on four of those 50, and each ended with us loosing in a bidding war. Beyond those, there were a few houses that sold prematurely after an aptly named “bully offer” was made on the property…

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