Kennisis Lake Cottage

Located in the Haliburton Highlands area of Ontario, this cottage takes into account interior comfort, local materials, sustainability, and an aesthetic approach to the use of wood. The clients’ desire for a sculptural form that is highly tuned to the nuances of their site, as well as their specific programmatic needs were the driving force of the project’s organic architecture. The collection of voluminous gathering spaces and inti- mate, private spaces are pulled together under a series of folding roof planes that float up and down over the con- tours of the site.

A rich interaction of interior spaces is achieved through subtle and dramatic level changes, and through the use of millwork and screens. The complex and expansive building program was derived from the clients’ desire to create a place where an extended family living in different countries could gather together. Sepa- rate, intimate spaces accommodating multiple families are connected by voluminous gathering spots, provid- ing challenges and opportunities for acoustic and visual relationships between spaces.

The program was refined to optimize the transition of materiality at the site so that the interior spaces would bring a sense of calm and harmony to the dynamic site conditions. Kennisis Lake Cottage’s use of natural regional mate- rials and locally sourced products such as granite, heavy timber, cedar shingles and wood siding allows the struc- ture to appear like it has grown out of the forest and rock that it hovers over…

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