Ontario Wood WORKS! Awards 2013

Winner of the Ontario Residential Wood Design Award 2013

Ontario Wood WORKS !  Project of the Canadian Wood Council

Kennisis Lake House, Haliburton, ON

Natural materials and locally sourced products such as granite, heavy timber, cedar shingles and wood siding allows the structure to appear like it had grown out of, and belongs to the forest and rock that it hovers over.

The program was refined to optimize the transition of materiality at the site so that the interior spaces would enhance a sense of calmness  and harmony to the dynamic conditions of the sites’ environment.

Engineered lumber was selected to provide the structural backbone of this structure as an economical approach to span and cantilever long distances while also providing a connection to the surrounding woodlands.

Solid Douglas Fir, Douglas Fir GluLam, 2×6 and 3×6 Douglas Fir decking, pre-finished pine siding, cedar siding, cedar roof shakes, stained oak floors, walnut cabinets.

Overhead wood trusses spanning the interior spaces complemented with matching roof decking gives a sense of strength while the use of exposed wood provides a connection to the local environment.

The strategic placement of glazing in the undulating roof allows for spectacular views throughout the day, while also providing a sense of openness and connectedness to nature. The various angles in the roof also allow for addition light to enter the space, as well as provide unique treetop views.

Thank you Wood WORKS!