Kingsway Park Residence

Toronto, Ontario

Nestled in the heart of Toronto’s Kingsway Park neighbourhood amongst mature trees, this residence is surrounded by Old English Tudor homes. Designed by Home Smith & Co and Built by Rome, GA, in 1933, the home had undergone several additions and renovations before it was purchased in 2021 by a young family looking for a quieter neighbourhood surrounded by nature.

While the home had been generally cared for and beautifully landscaped, it was in need of maintenance on the exterior and looked tired on the interior. The owners were keen to maintain the historic Tudor architecture of the front of the home while opening up the back to bring in more light. They were also keen on opening up their living spaces to one another to better suit their lifestyle, while at the same time, maintaining enough walls to properly display their extensive art collection.


The formal living room was maintained as a sitting room, and the powder room was moved to create a new separation between the formal living room and the library. Meanwhile, relocating the powder room allowed the new kitchen to open to the family room, while removing the wall between the dining room and kitchen to allow the kitchen to expand and a less formal dining space to be created. A large sliding door was installed across the back of the family room to allow it to open to the yard in the warmer months and to bring in light and view. 


The second-floor bathrooms were updated, and one of the bedrooms was repurposed as a tv room. The third-floor bedroom ceiling was raised to create a cathedral, new skylights were installed to bring in natural light and the bathroom was updated to create a wonderful suite for the couple’s daughter. In addition to the aesthetic and functional upgrades, the building was fully insulated and mechanical systems were updated for energy efficiency and comfort. 


The interiors are an eclectic mix of light and dark, old and new, formal and informal: a strategy that breathed new life into the home. It is a cozy and comfortable home designed for modern living.