Whitefish Lake Cottage

South Nipissing, Ontario

Whitefish Lake Cottage is a compact compound built for two sisters and their young families. On a grandfathered site with tight zoning restrictions, the clients decided to use our in-house prefabrication capabilities to produce a hybrid cottage and solo bunkie.

The cottage is part of our hybrid program that uses a combination of prefabricated modules and site-built space. The two modules angle away from each other, opening up towards the lake, and are connected by the living room space that was built between them. Featuring an open-concept living space consisting of dining room, kitchen and living room, the cottage also has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a laundry room neatly packaged into 1,200 sq. ft.

The 480 sq. ft. bunkie serves as a wing of the cottage, although completely detached. It features two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a breakfast bar.

The cottage is closer to the water than what would normally be permitted because of its grandfathered siting. The living room opens on to a broad deck that gives way to natural native landscaping, paved with local and large format granite slabs. A stone patio with a firepit is on the path to the spectacular curved dock, cantilevered off the shoreline.

Whitefish Lake Cottage is a wonderful example of a family choosing to pack a lot of functionality into a relatively small space, which does not feel small at all.