Dave Dyer

Construction Manager

Dave Dyer grew up in Ontario, and has worked in the building industry here, specializing in construction management, for 30 years. Dave worked as a personal chef for Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence during the summer for 10 years, during which time he ran his own construction company in Muskoka cottage region in the winter months.

He started building cottages for Altius 15 years ago and hasn’t stopped since.

Dave specializes in providing knowledge of great companies, local trades persons, and area suppliers, and prides himself in his local’s knowledge, always able to find reliable and hard-working builders to build unique modern cottages which fit the landscape, and trying his best not to disturb the natural surroundings which draw the cottages there in the first place.

He has lived in the Muskoka region for 30 years, raising four children, and smiling. He loves working with each client to help their dreams and desired cottage goals come true, and prides himself on client satisfaction.